Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day and Other Such Happenings

Outside my window...  the sun is setting with clouds and sunshine in the sky.  A lovely May evening.

I am thinking...about so many things.  Lots of decisions going on in this household of ours and I'm almost ready to share some of  them here on the blog.

In the kitchen...this last month I have been cooking up a few new recipes for our spring and summer dinners.  Not a lot that we were super excited about, though everyone seemed to really like the quiche I made last night.  Always trying to find the balance between healthy and comforting meals and between new meals and the old reliable meals that I know everyone likes.

I am wearing...the maxi dresses and sandals are coming out.  Summer is right around the corner.

I am creating...I can't stop cross stitching.  If you follow me on Instagram you will see a couple fun projects in the works. I'm so enjoying this craft, though I did try a couple new projects where I played with wire and yarn and yarn and plastic canvas. Fun to try something new.

I am going...we are hopefully going somewhere this Memorial Day weekend, but we still aren't sure.  Memorial day is that a week away?

I am reading...Don Quixote, The Green Ember with the kids, and starting Unbroken.

I am learning...I just listened to the podcast Serial this last week.  Such a compelling story.  

Around the house...just enjoying all the simple changes we have made.  Both Steve and I have loved having less stuff to shuffle through and are motivated to get rid of even more. The rewards of simplicity are when you can walk into a room and know that their are no piles, or boxes, or drawers stuffed full of things you don't need or use.  I'm still  motivated to get rid of even more.  

I am watching...The West Wing.  Finally getting around to watching this one and I'm really enjoying it.

One of my favorite things...Steve gave me a weekend away for Mother's Day, one night with him and one day and night on my own.  I have never stayed by myself at a hotel, I was a bit worried I wouldn't like it, but I shouldn't have worried.  It was wonderful.  Quiet, restful, relaxing.  I loved having the break from real life, though I missed my hubby and kiddos like crazy.  Funny how we mamas do that.  It was wonderful to join them again that Sunday for church and later for dinner cooked for me at home that evening where I was spoiled by my people.  Love them so.
Just a peek into my days.

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