Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Fairy Tale Project || The Frog Prince

We read the version entitled The Frog King or Iron Henry in the Grimm Fairy Tales and the version in the Anderson Fairy Tale version.

The Frog Prince by Paul Galdone
Loved the illustrations in this one, especially the cover.

The Frog Prince by Kathy-Jo Wargin
A retelling of this classic tale by Kathy-Jo Wargin with lovely illustrations.

The Frog Prince or Iron Henry translated by Naomi Lewis and illustrated by Binette Schroeder 
This is the Grimm's version of the tale with unusually wonderful illustrations.

The Frog Prince Drinks Diet Croak by Kate McMullan
A little fairy tale joke book.  Very fun!

Fractured Fables by Jim Valentino
A book of fractured fables, in comic form, including the tale of the frog prince.

The Frog and the Princess and the Prince and the Mole by John Bear
This tale takes an odd turn when the Princess kisses the frog and turns into a mole.

The Princess and the Frog by Will Eisner
Based on the original frog prince tale with lovely illustrations.

The Frog Prince, Continued by Jon Scieszka
This is the story of what happened after the princess kissed the frog.  A really fun story.

The Frog Prince by Sindy McKay
This was  a cute adaptation of the frog prince.  A great read for younger readers.

The Frog Prince by Diane Namm
This was  a simple retelling of this classic fairy tale.
The Frog Princess? by Pamela Mann
Lovely illustrated volume of the frog prince.

The Frog Prince by Alix Berenzy
The frog prince sets out to find his true love after the princess rejects him.

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