Saturday, June 13, 2015

This and That

Lots of busy work lately.  Changes and decisions being made around these parts, lots of paperwork and emails back and forth.  Nothing to announce and report here yet, but I'm hoping things will solidify here soon and I can share more on the blog.

We had a crazy rain storm the other day.  The sun was out and we were all playing when the rain started pouring down.  The kind of rain with the big droplets pummeling all around, the kind the kids love to run and play in.  We were on our way to piano lessons and I had to gather my crew in the car when all they wanted to do was play.

Beckett has become such a little helper lately and I'm working to give him lots of opportunities to help and do around the house.  We are trying to work together throughout the day to pick up our little messes as we make them.  I'm also finding ways to have him help me with my everyday tasks.  There are usually quite a few little ways he can help me with if I take the time to slow down and work with him.  He pushes the buttons to start the washer and dryer, puts away the silverware, sweeps, washes counters, put his toys away while we sing the clean up song, and carries and put things away from room to room.  Such a good little helper.  It takes a little extra time but it is so worth.

So excited for summer to officially start, which for us is when the kids finish school.  Do you have any fun summer plans?  I'm looking forward to all those simple, fun summer activities.  Slow mornings and quiet summer afternoons.  Ice cream and summer reading.  Evening trips to the pool.  We also have a good amount of busy and crazy worked into it but I definitely like the slow pace of quiet days best.

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