Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Report || July 2015

 Living Well Spending Less
This was a quick read with lots of helpful tips on how to save money.  Really a memoir of Ruth Soukup experience with learning to spend less and how it truly makes for a joyful life.

I think I enjoyed this sequel better then the first and am excited to read the next books in the series. 

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
Love it!  Such an amazing, inspirational story.  I still haven't seen the movie, so am excited to watch it. 

The Green Ember by S. D. Smith
I so enjoyed reading this to my children.  It reminded me a bit of Watership Down and The Rats of Nimh.

I gave up on Outlander. I read about half of it and just wasn't into the story and it had a few questionable scenes between the two main characters. I do wander what all the fuss was about, so many people loved this story.  I might pick it up again, should I stick with it?

Started The Miniaturist and Shadow Puppets.  Planning to start The Mysterious Benedict Society with my little ones.

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