Wednesday, July 1, 2015



I love systems, simple systems that run themselves, that keep us moving forward with little thought or effort.  They work well for us because we have found an easy way to form habits that work with ourselves and with our families.

When it comes to organizing paperwork in our home, I rely on simple daily practices and a weekly check in.  In my house I handle the paperwork, all of the bills, the papers that come home everyday with the kids from school and every Sunday from church, the important mail and the junk mail, all of the invites with dates to remember, and so much more.   It can become overwhelming at times.  For the past couple years I have been using the same systems for handling our daily paperwork that comes into our home and it has been working well for us.  I have a few ideas to share with you for handling paperwork simply and effectively.

Here are my basic tips for dealing with paperwork.

I'm sharing this post on Cranial Hiccups today.  Find the rest of the post here.

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