Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Featured Home Tour

My home is being featured on Design Mom today.  It was so fun to share my home on Gabrielle's site and to share my thoughts about home, decorating, moving, and family.

Also, a huge welcome to all the readers visiting from Design Mom!  Take a peak around my blog.  If you love decorating, check out my posts here.  Thanks again for stopping by!

Below is an excerpt from the home tour featured on Design Mom.  You can find the home tour and full article where I share my thoughts on her site here.

"I don’t take decorating too seriously. I say have fun with it! Let your style evolve through the years and let your home tell a story. Put holes in your walls, hang that silly craft project, let the inspiration strike and move forward with it, live with it for awhile and see how you like it."

Find full article here.

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Callie,
    We moved to Lake Oswego a year ago. We are currently renovating our daylight ranch. I would love to chat about your choices in your kitchen, as well as that fabulous bookcase. More importantly, I'm very curious to know where you are moving that has10 acres?!? We felt lucky finding a half acre lot. :)
    Good luck with your move. I enjoyed your house tour on Design Mom.