Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sea Animal Party



I was told this party could not be called an Under the Sea Party, that sounded too much like a mermaid party, not grown up enough for this 9 year old of mine.  A Sea Animal Party, I was informed, that was the description that should be used.  This girl of mine is a planner, a creative, a visionary.  She knows what she wants and she jumps in and gets it done.  I wasn't sure how this whole thing would come together, but I was thrilled with the results.  We pulled it all together and we were both pleased with how it all came together.  

Her day was full of her favorites.  This animal loving girl of mine received mostly stuffed animals for her birthday and lots of crafting goodness.  We had red velvet cupcakes for her friend party and cheesecake for her family party later that night.  She created and painted the whale on her own and I was incredibly impressed with the results.  And of course, her tradition is Red Robin for dinner.  

Just a side note.  She was so worried about moving to our new home, just a few minutes away from our old home, because she thought it would be too far from Red Robin.  I assured her that there was no need to worry.  Not only would we not be that far away, we would actually be a bit closer to another Red Robin, so no need to worry sweet girl.

Such a beautiful day with my beautiful girl.  Love you to pieces sweet girl.  Thanks for growing older and wiser, kinder and sweeter each and everyday.  You don't have to keep growing so fast though, growing up is inevitable and I truly wouldn't want it any other way, but you may just want to slow down, just a bit.  

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