Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Camping In Sunriver

We had such a  wonderful time in Sunriver and Bend a couple weeks ago, one of our favorite places to visit.  It was our last big summer adventure before heading back to school.  We did some geocaching, some hiking and exploring, and survived some pretty cold nights.  We biked all around our campground and enjoyed visiting a fun little museum town.  It was so enjoyable to get away with my little crew and just enjoyed spending the day together and the evening sky.  Nothing beats those clear crisp nights with a blanket of stars overhead.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

A Chill In The Air


Studying...I've been trying to improve my personal gospel study.  I used to be so consistent about studying my scriptures and since having kids my personal study has been inconsistent.  I study a few times a week, at different times each day.  I would love to find a time I can study each day and consistently be studying the same things.  I'm experimenting with different times and trying to come up with a plan 

Enjoying...oil for my face, for washing and moisturizing my face.  My favorites are coconut, jojoba, rosehip seed, and vitamin e.  Also really enjoying some new to me podcasts.  Have you listened to Limetown or Sorta Awesome?  A couple of new favorites.

Reading...I just finished Station Eleven and 11/22/63.  Fun reads.  I am hoping to focus on reading more classics (I had a goal to read  30 plus classics this year and have only read one).  I also want to read more to my kiddos.  They love it and I love it and would like to be better about reading to them every night. 

Watching...I finished watching The West Wing this last month.  I took my time watching this series and am enjoying watching series slowly vs binge watching.  Steve and I started watching Blue Bloods together and I also just started watching The X-Files.  I just heard they were coming out with a new mini series and thought it would be fun to catch up on it.  Oh, I also just saw The Bletchley Circle.  Fabulous!  Loved it.

Out and About...I feel like I have been running from place to place, all over town these last few weeks.  I was just asked to work with the Cub Scouts at church and I have been running from store to store to grab last minute activity items.  I also have been grabbing a few craft supplies for me.  I'm not really a shopper and love to go out as little as possible.  I just need to get a bit more organized, making sure a take a list and check it twice.  

Cooking...I baked a big batch of brownies yesterday for a fun church activity.  My oven is a bit crooked so they turned out a bit wonky, but still tasty.  I made a few soups.  It probably isn't cool enough in the evening for soups yet, but I couldn't help myself.  

Savoring...fall, autumn, crisp leaves, and cooler days.  Apples, pumpkins, birthday planning, and autumn walks.  My absolute favorite time of year.  

Working On...crafting is in full swing with the older kids back in school.  I've pulled out quite a few cross stitching project that just need to be framed and finished.  I also have been busy painting and playing with color sprays.  I've even started a quilt that I hope to complete this fall.  We shall see.