Friday, October 16, 2015

Back To School Feast

I never shared our Back to School Feast here on the blog.  We decided to go to Benihana for a late lunch.  The kids used their coupons that they earned through our library's summer reading program.  It was quite a fancy and fun dinner out!  Later that night we just had a table spread full of  fruit, veggies, crackers and dips and mock eclairs for dessert.  

Our theme for this year was one of Nie Nie's themes from a past back to school feast.  I loved it, especially with moving this year and the kids starting a new school.  

"Remove any of your fear with faith, trust in the power of God to guide you."  --M. Russell Nelson

He also gave one of my favorite talks at General Conference!  We also gave each of the kiddos a lovely small photo of Christ.  Something to tuck in their desk at school, in their locker, or in their binder, to help them remember Him throughout the day.  Love these kids of mine!  They are doing great in school, it isn't without its bumps and mishaps, and some are missing old friends, teachers, and routines quite a bit.  It hurts to see them hurt, even if it is just a bit.  But oh how they amaze me with their resilience and their determination to do what they do each day.  I hope they always know where to turn for help, during the times that are hard.  I hope they always remember.

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