Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Junk Bow Fabric Wreath

Again, absolutely loved how this one turned out!  Going along with the wreath I shared this last week, I made this one a few days later.  I had the idea while I was working on the first wreath.  Just shows that creativity creates more creativity.  This was even simpler then the first.

I gathered materials.  My foam wreath, fabric, my glue gun, and I also gathered some ribbons from my stash.  I wrapped the wreath in white fabric using the technique I descirbed here, but instead of different fabrics, I just covered it with the one.  I then gather bits of ribbon, strips of 1/2 inch fabric, a strip of burlap, even a strip of paper.  I pulled it all together and tied it to the wreath.  I finished it with one rolled rosette.  Loved it!  

I created a little fall gathering with both wreaths and a new free fall print from Jones Design Company.  Love how these turned out!  Again, super simple project to fit into a busy week.  I'm all for simple crafts that have a big impact.

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