Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Living Simply | Managing Email and Blog Readers

Emails and social media are such a part of our daily lives.  They are so valuable in terms of easily accessing and communicating valuable information but at times they may also be hard to navigate. I thought I would share a couple things I've done recently to help relieve the overwhelm these things can bring.

In this world of social media, podcasts, blogs, and so much good information we can become easily overwhelmed with all the good that we could be consuming.  After I got my email inbox to zero a couple months ago and unsubscribed from a bunch of different email lists, I was inspired to do the same in other areas of my digital life.

For example, I love to read blogs in my downtime and just went through my blog feed and deleted a bunch of blogs I no longer am interested in and haven't been keeping up with.  Now I just have a few blogs that I'm currently interested in.  I can just scroll through my feed, see what has been posted, and read a couple blog posts that interest me.  No need to scroll through a whole list of blog posts.  It seems counterproductive, but the more I eliminate, the more I value what I decide to keep.  I keep the very best of what is out there, what I'm most passionate about, and what truly interest me.  I can keep up with what I love and move on with my day.

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