Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Birthday Boy


We celebrated this kiddo's 3rd birthday this last week with a campfire cake, family gathered around, and lots of Happy Birthday songs sung throughout the day at the birthday boy's request.  These pictures of him blowing out his three little candles just slay me.  His smile as we would sing to him, it spoke louder then words, saying he just knew it was his special day and that he could feel our immense love for him.

His gifts were books, little people toy airplane and pirate ship, a big soft adult size blanket (this boy loves soft blankets), some art supplies, and a warm sweatshirt the upcoming season.  I also ordered him a felt campfire, but have not received it yet. The gifts were perfect and are getting used and loved.

You are so very loved my October birthday boy.  We loved celebrating you.

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