Saturday, October 10, 2015

October Favorites

Rosehip Oil
I have absolutely enjoyed using this oil on my face.  I use it as my daily moisturizer.  It is light, my skin absorbs it quickly, and after using it I feel that my skin is visibly brighter and healthier.  This is the kind I use.

Age of Adaline
Loved this movie.  The way each scene is put together, the clothing, the story.  A lovely movie to cuddle up to this fall.

Plaid Scarves
Plaid Scarves like this one and this one.  What an easy way to add plaid to an outfit.  I bought one last year and am thinking about buying another one.  Seriously thinking I may order this one.

Books on CD
With commuting back and forth from school each day, we have become obsessed with listening to books on CD.  We check ours out from our library.  I love the books that are found in this and this book.  Also seriously considering an audible subscription.

Read Aloud Revival Podcast
Enjoying the podcast Read Aloud Revival.  Just some lovely inspirational conversations about the importance of reading to our children.

Easy Crafts
I've been enjoying simple, easy, and quick crafts.  Especially with busy days and running from one thing to another, I don't have time for long, time consuming crafts.  Its so fun to sit down and complete something in an hour or less.  Here, here, and here are a couple quick projects from my archives.

Diffusing Oil In a Diffuser
I have loved using my diffuser.  Right now my difuser sits in my kitchen and I use it most days.  My favorite combination to diffuse right now is lemon, peppermint, and lavender.  So clean and fresh.  I'm thinking of getting another for our bedroom.  This one is pretty and has great reviews.

Essential Oils
I just put in an order to Edens Garden and am so impressed with their products.  Their presentation and quality seems fabulous and the price is much less then the other oils I have seen.  I ordered their $22 value package that was a fun way to try some oils, free shipping, and a lot of carrier oils.  I'm excited to order their sweet almond oil, it just sounds lovely.

Apples and Peanut Butter
One of my favorite healthy treats.  My favorite apple is Honeycrisp, sliced into thing wedges, with a scoop of peanut butter.  Kirtland creamy peanut butter from Costco is my favorite.

Salt and Straw
We love this place, anytime of the year, such a yummy, fun place to go.  Since icecream is my favorite, I could go everyday, though I try to make healthier choices each day and limit my trips to every once and awhile.  Why can't ice cream be good for you?  A must when you visit Portland!

 Blank Space by Ryan Adams
I'm listening to this on repeat.  Absolutely adore his version of this song.

General Conference
So enjoyed this talk by Elder M Russel Nelson  about women and the power that we have.  You can watch it here.  I always enjoy Conference, but this year was extra special.  So much to be grateful and hopeful for.  I relisten to Conference throughout the year with the Gospel Libray App.

Stitch Along
Excited to join in this stitch along.  You know I'm a huge fan of What Delilah Did.  Everything she touches is lovely.   You can buy the kits here or purchase just the PDF patterns here.

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