Tuesday, November 10, 2015

On My Night stand...

My nightstand always has a steady stream of rotating books.  Some I'm reading, some I hope to read, some I just take time to glance through the pages.  As I was participating in documenting my day with  Hollywood Housewife on instagram today, I snapped a photo of my nightstand.  I thought it would be fun to share these titles on the blog.  Let me know if there are any that I need to make sure and read soon!

I friend just loaned this to me on Sunday, we were discussing books the week before, and when she realized I hadn't read this she promised to loan it to me!

I've been reading another book by Vanderkam and this is her newest book.  Hoping to get to it before I have to take it back.

I've heard this one is good and thought it would be fitting for our situation right now.  A library check out.

In the middle of this but it has taken a backseat to a few other books I've been reading now.

I received a giftcard to Powell Book and used it to get this book plus a few others.  I had someone tell me I had to read it before I saw the movie.

We are 3/4 of the way through this book, reading it with my oldest, and we have taken a break from it, so busy in the evening with all the other activities we have.  We need to carve out time to finish this one.  

I've started this one and will get back to it soon.

This I grabbed from our basement.  It is a book on homemaking, mothering, and organization and I wanted to take time to either reread all of it or atleast a couple chapters.  I have enjoyed all her books.

This is an embroidery book, but when my mom was here she picked it up and found that it also tells a story.  I'm hoping to take some time to read the story soon.

I checked this one out from the library.  Thought it may be fun to learn to finger knit and the knitted finished products look awesome!

I requested this book from the library after I found her blog.  It looks like lots of fun, though I haven't crack the book open yet.

Have you read any of these?  Do you have a problem with too many books on your nightstand?

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