Monday, January 11, 2016

2016 Goals

I'm sharing my goals for 2016 here today.  In an effort to keep it simple and to live more fully in the moment, I will be creating five areas to work on.  Pretty standard areas of improvement, things that are always on my mind and areas in my life where I'm constantly seeking improvement and progression.  I plan on setting monthly trackable goals in these areas and sharing on the blog throughout 2016.

Its funny setting goals, especially when you are trying to keep it simple.   I know this year will be a very full year.  We are at that stage with four kids that life is just busy, just the day to day to dos keeps us moving along.  We try to keep it as simple as possible, but even adding a couple extra activities into our week keeps us hopping.  With general life, commuting, and the new house to work on 2016 will be a very full year.  I want to be mindful of that as I set these goals.

FAMILY | One on one time with each member of my family.  With my children I will try to spend individual time with them.  I plan on incorporating bedtime chats, date nights, focus on one child for a month, reading together, walks, and work on a project they are interested in togethers. With Steve I plan on incorporating and continuing temple nights, date nights, a weekend or two away together, walks, hikes, watching a series together, and reading together.  Each month I plan to set a specific, measurable goals to work on with my family.

HOME | Finish and simplify.  We are purchasing a fixer upper.  There will be plenty of time spent on our new home.  When I asked Steve what his goals were for 2106, he said that he would be so busy working on the house that he didn't think he would have time for goals.  True, and one of the reason I want to take a monthly approach with my goals.  I really would love to see all the improvements completed on this home by the end of this year.  Our goal was not to live in a fixer for a long period of time, we have already done that, so we are hoping to take some of our equity and spend the money to get this new to us home all shiny and complete (aka, no projects that need to be done)!  Also, in my every present quest to simplify, I want to continue to work on letting go of more items as we move into our new home.

HEALTHY LIVING | Continue striving to eat healthy, exercise, and work on healthy living habits.  Just the same types of goals in this subject.  Eating right, exercise, drinking more water, getting more sleep.  I do feel the need to become even more consistent with healthy eating and exercise.  I will try to keep my normal healthy eating diet and exercise moving forward throughout the year, but I would also love to set monthly measurable goals to shake it up a bit.  I would love to get to a place with healthy where I feel content and not deprived.

CONNECTION | We would love to connect more with friends and family.  We are striving to schedule monthly and to make sure that there are scheduled times with family and friends.  I think we will strive to get together with others at least one to two times a month.  I think this will just take some extra planning, I hope once it is set on the calendar it will come together easily enough.

BLOGGING & ETSY SHOP | Schedule and build inventory.  I'm planning on following a schedule of posting on the blog in 2016.  I'm constantly thinking of what to share here in this space, it is just finding the time to sit down and put a post together.  I'm hoping a schedule will help me stay on track with this.  I also plan to add to my Etsy Shop.  I want the shop to be an overflow of what I'm interested in and what I'm creating.  I'm wanting to add at least one to two new items to the shop each month.  I will definitely keep others posted on what I'm adding to the shop.

I will also be working on daily scripture study.  At least a chapter or an article everyday in 2016.

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