Saturday, January 16, 2016

Simple Days


Right now I have been using my planner and loving it!  (I use this one!)  I'm jotting down, planning, and crossing off daily.  Its keeping me on track.

Right now I am driving and commuting back and forth, I'm logging quite a few hours in my car each week, traveling from our old town to our soon to be new town.  We are still working on getting into our new town.

Right now we are gearing up to do some major work on our new home, saving our pennies is crucial, and so we are only spending on what we absolutely have to.  Its a good practice, only spending money on what we absolutely need, and its been teaching me a lot about how I've been spending money in the past.  I've been asking the hard questions and hope to continue to limit spending even after the home improvements are completed.

Right now I'm working on completing my monthly goals.  January goals are looking good and I'm already thinking of what my February goals will be.

Right now we are playing lots of basketball.  Our three oldest are playing this season and its been fun to watch the them play.  Its been busy, practices every night, and games on Saturday, and its not something I want to keep up with forever, but it is working for us now.  

Right now after a few months of off and on exercise, I've started up again.  Its feels good to get back into a consistent exercise schedule.  Its an effort to take time out of my day to make it work, but its worth the effort.

Right now I've been weaving and stitching and even doing a little scrapbooking.  I don't have time for long creative sessions, but I'm doing a little here and a little there and it adds up.

Right now life is full, we are heading towards less fullness in our days, but for now we are looking to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

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