Friday, January 15, 2016

Simple Homemaking Series

"There is nothing like 
staying at home for 
real comfort."
Jane Austen

Today I'm introducing a new series on my blog.  The Simple Homemaking Series.  I'm a homemaker, I've always wanted to be a mother and homemaker, and I most definitely consider it my profession.  I love taking care of my home, I love spending time here, and I love creating a place where our family  can feel comfortable and inspired.  In my opinion, home is where it is at.  It is where our family starts and ends our days and where we connect in the most meaningful ways.

I plan to share homemaking ideas and inspiration, practical tips, posts on homemaking routines, corners of our home, what works from me as a homemaker, and I even hope to interview a few amazing homemaker to share even more ideas.

I love being a homemaker and feel privileged to do this everyday.  What a blessing to create, curate, and care for our homes.  We have such power to support and inspire the people in our lives through the homes that we care for.  I'm thrilled to start this new adventure and to share here on the blog this year through this series.

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