Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What Worked For Me in 2015

Well hello.  Before I share my goals for 2015, I thought I would share some things that worked well for me in 2015.  

easy meals ||
I've embraced the easy meal.  I've always prepared easy meals, but used them as a sort of last minute backup, only making them when I had nothing else planned or no time.  I found that using this method created guilt every time I had to make that easy meal.  Now I plan at least one easy meal into the mix each week.  I'll schedule it for those nights that I know will be extra busy.  The guilt is gone, I feel prepared, and I also know I'm planning smart and taking care of myself.  This also helps me plan and search for healthier options for easy meals and it also eliminates the guilt, making it part of the plan in the first place.

audiobooks ||
With all the commuting back and forth as we wait to move into our new home, the car has been a great place to listen to audiobooks.  I have one going for the kids and one going for myself.  I also have been listening to audiobooks on my phone or on the computer while I do the bookwork for our business.  I should really add up how many of the books I read were audiobooks this year.  It definitely makes it easier to get in more reading time, especially as I'm busier then ever this second half of the year.

dark chocolate ||
Surprisingly, in 2016 this became my treat of choice.  I have found one that is low in sugar but super delicious.  I treat myself to it everyday (should I be admitting this) and it curbs my cravings for sweets.

visiting the temple
We love going together, but it definitely doesn't happen unless we plan for it.  I love my husband, and am so grateful we were married in the beautiful Portland temple almost 14 years ago, and I'm reminded of this every time we are able to enter this place.  We did great this year on attending more often.  I also was able to attend with my sister for the first time this year, what a lovely day, and definitely one of the highlights of 2015.

children's incentive program
We finally put an incentive program into action for our children.  So fun to finally have this up and running.  We have tried through the years to come up with something and the main reason it didn't take was because Steve and I had a hard time deciding what was best.  We finally decided that done was better than perfect.  Now our children are checking off their to dos everyday and earning money that they give, save, and spend.  Done and done.

I also was able to move forward as I continue to strive for consistency in planning and scheduling.  I love the systems that I have incorporated for myself and felt like I did pretty well at following through with my schedule everyday.  There is definitely room for improvement and I'm feeling very motivated to move forward with scheduling consistency in 2016.

diffusing oils
This has become such a self-care practice for me.  I absolutely adore diffusing oils. I have a diffuser in my bedroom and one in my kitchen, and I wouldn't mind another one to have to move around the house.  These are used multiple times a day in my house and constantly while we are feeling a bit under the weather.  Such a rejuvenating way to stay healthy and relaxed.

black leggings
It took me a long time to begin wearing the skinny jean and this year I began wearing the black legging.  The trick for me was finding the right legging that covers well (thickness) and then finding the right tops that also cover well (length).  Super cozy in every season.

What I hope for 2016.

More self care, exercise, and eating right.  More scheduling, less stuff, less on my to do list, more intentional living with my children and husband.  I would love to have an afternoon reading time and I would also love to work on reading to my munchkin every night.  We ofcourse are planning on moving into our new home, remodeling, and settling in.  This will take up a huge portion of our year.  Excited for this next year, for more progress, peace, and family times.

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