Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Winter Round Up

Winter is such a lovely time of year.  Once the holiday season is over, we settle in to the slows days of winter.  Here are a few things that I've gathered to share with you today, a winter round up of sorts.

My skin needs extra attention during these dry, cold winter months.  Some of my favorite lotions you can find here, here, and here.  They have been amazing to use on my naturally dry skin.

Reading is another lovely winter pastime.  Here are some great picture books to read with your little ones.  I'm also planning to share another set of winter picture books here soon.
Winter Picture Books
Jan Brett's books are a perfect winter read.
Here is another list of winter reads.

A couple of my favorite winter chapter books you can find here and here.

Here is a happy reading list for us adults who want to cuddle up with an uplifting book.

Winter is a great time to clean and freshen up our homes.  Here is a great blog post about getting rid of winter clutter and another about creating a cozy winter home.

Start a cross stitch.  These are a couple of my favorites, both ABC samplers, find them here and here.

Games are another great way to spend a winter evening.  I need to share some of our favorite games here on the blog soon, my kiddos are at the perfect age and games have become such a great way to enjoy time with them.  Until then, here and here our a couple posts that I found that share some great family games.

I found a couple kid activities that would be great to try on a cold, wintry day at home.  You can find a fun activity the goes along with the book The Mitten.  Find it here  Gather some items together and create this winter wonderland.  These beautiful, simple paper lanterns would be fun to create with your kids.

After crafting with the kids, you may enjoy a little crafting just for you.  If your not interested in cross stitching, try doing one of these.  Here are a couple wreaths that you could try your hand at, A Yarn Wreath and A Rolled Flower Burlap Wreath.

Watching a movie is always a relaxing way to spend a wintery evening at home.  Find a few of my favorites in these posts, my Favorite Girly Movies  and my Favorite Shows and Movies.

Make your home pretty.  Freshen up a corner of your home like this or create a winter matel like this.

And we'll end with this winter manifesto.

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