Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February Monthly Goals

This year I will be setting and sharing my monthly goals here on the blog.  In January I chose 5 areas to work on and each month I will set specific, measurable goals in each of these areas to keep me on track.  I also will choose one miscellaneous goal. If your interested, you can find my yearly goals here.

Since we will be working on and moving into our new home this February most of my February goals will surround this very time consuming and exciting goal.  Since I know we will be spending a lot of extra time working on this goal, I have limited my goals in the other categories.  

Family ||

  • Read 1 chapter from a read aloud book 5 nights a week with my kids.

Home ||

  • Purchase home
  • Finish all work on home
  • Move into home

Healthy Living ||

  • Meet with new doctor for regular check-up
  • Drink 12 glasses of water a day
  • Exercise 3-5 times a week

Connection ||

  • Go out with another family

Blogging and Etsy Shop ||

  • Follow new blog schedule
  • List new items in Etsy shop

Post a morning and evening routine, share on the blog, and work on following it.

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