Saturday, May 14, 2016

Week In the Life 2016 || Monday

Joining Ali Edwards in documenting this week in May.  Love this way of memory keeping, a snapshot of our week right now.

This week has been a low key week, just school, work, and home, with a few extra activities weaved in.  These last couple of months have been low key for our family, an intentional decision after moving into our new home.


Wake Up - Morning Walk with Clover Fields - Kids Up and Getting Ready - Me Making Sandwiches - Kids Packing Lunch and Making Breakfast - Scripture Reading - Drove Kids to School - Salmon For Breakfast -  Straighten Up House - Organize Bookshelves - Listening to Emma - Snack and Break in Bed - Beckett Locked Office Door - Unable to do Business Work with Door Locked - Kids Home from School - Karter Bringing in Garbage Can - Planting Garden Together - Spaghetti for Dinner - Steve Home Late from the Gorge - Reading Harry Potter before Bed - Watching the Good Wife Season Finally Before Bed

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