Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas 2016

Christmas this year at our home was magical and over too soon.  "For Unto us a Child is Born." 

  • Waking up to a clean house, dishes done, table set for breakfast.  I went to bed after setting up all the gifts for Christmas, too tired to clean the house up.  I woke up to it clean and tidy.  Best Christmas gift ever from my favorite husband.
  • Christmas breakfast with the family.
  • Karter’s gift to me.  A chicken pot pie that he had wrapped a couple days ago.  It was smooshed and oozing.   I laughed so hard I cried, everyone joined in, and a happy Karter kept asking why we were laughing, asking me if I didn’t like chicken pot pie.  I assured him I did through fits of giggles.
  • Jakob opening up his xbox.  This chilled out boy of ours was so excited, jumping up and down, completely surprised.
  • Putting together Beckett’s train set.  Having all the kids play with it throughout the morning.
  • Happy smiles throughout the day, everyone getting along and being kind to one another.
  • Getting ready for church with all my new pretties.
  • Sacrament meeting, the music and speakers were wonderful, feeling the spirit so strong.  The story our Bishop shared.
  • Skipping Christmas dinner because I was just too tired, Steve suggesting I do so.
  •  Watching It’s a wonderful Life together as a family.

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