Thursday, March 16, 2017

Winter Days...Almost Spring

Sharing some photos from the last few months.  We are looking forward to spring around these parts. Winter was full of basketball for our girl, she had an awesome season, lots of missed school days for snow, books read, shows watched, cookies made.  We made a trip to the beach in January.  Of course we will always remember this winter as a sacred time with the birth and passing of our sweet baby girl.  Such a special time surrounded by so much love and support from family and friends.  She is in my thoughts often, missing her all the time.  

Before London came I was able to put together our 2016 album.  I ordered it in a photo book and the above photos are my munchkins enjoying it.  So happy to have the album completed for last year and will share more details on that soon.    

The weather is getting warmer, but the rain keeps coming down.  We did have a little sun this week, a couple of glorious days.  I'm feeling like I need the sunshine in my life these days, and sunny days here in Oregon do not disappoint.  I'm looking forward to planting our garden this year, hoping to get outside and plant and watch things grow.  

I've been reading a bit lately, trying to rest up after my c-section these last few weeks, reaching for a book more often.  Fiction and nonfiction, reading the written word and listening to audio, depending on what I'm doing.  I like the variety.  I'll have to share what I've been reading lately here soon.  

My parents came to stay with us after the c-section and during the time of the service for London.  It was so wonderful to have them here, my mom took over the house and the care of our kiddos so I could heal.  They left a couple weeks ago and I'm back to getting most everything done on my own now, still taking it easy, but happy to be healing and able to take care of my family.  Life keeps moving forward for our little family, the joys, struggles, and everyday moments surround us.  So blessed to have this crew to call my own and the days of spring to look forward to.  

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