Friday, April 21, 2017

Essential Oil Workshops and Classes

Have I talked about my love for essential oils?  I have fallen for them over the last couple months.  I have used them in a few ways throughout the years, but now I'm using them all the time from my personal beauty regime to DIY cleaners to helping me sleep.  My collection is growing.

I'm loving them so much, I have wanted to share what I'm doing with others.  I'm offering a few classes and workshops that I wanted to share with you.

Upcoming Free Oil Classes
I will be sharing how I use oils in my daily routines, how I clean toxic free with these oils, I will share how I use them with kids and in my beauty care, and so much more!  Also, I'm giving a free roller bottle of a sleepy essential oil blend to all that attend. There is no charge for these classes. Classes to be held in my home in Sherwood Oregon.

I will also demonstrate how to make DIY products using your essential oils to support you and your family.  See the below flyer for more details.  Message me if you would like to attend and I will email you with location information.

Upcoming Workshops ($45)
Do you have essential oils but your not using them, or not using them enough, or not sure how to use them?  Offering two workshops in the next few weeks.  In these workshops I'll share how I use my essential oils in a variety of ways throughout my day, from skin care, to cleaning, to diffusing, to aiding in wellness.  We will also make 6 diy essential oil products that you will take home and actually use in your home.   Workshops to be held in my home in Sherwood Oregon. 

See the below flyer for more details.  Message me if you would like to attend and I will email you with location information.

As an incentive to any that are interested.  If you refer a friend and they sign up for the $45 workshop, I will gift you a free bottle of lemon vitality essential oil as a thank you for sharing. This oil is great in water for digestion, to diffuse for energy, on your wrist as a perfume, great with peppermint and lavender for allergies, and can be added to so many fun blends, sprays, and cleaning products. If you bring a friend to either of the classes I will gift you a mini roller bottle of a happy essential oil blend. 

Also, I'm offering a free 3 page printout of my favorite essential oil recipes for a variety of DIY products from beauty, to cleaning, to supporting wellness.  To receive your free copy, please share my classes and workshops in at least two of the following ways. Message me when you have completed a couple of these things with your address and I will mail you your free printout.
  • email 5 friends 
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  • chat with a couple of friends 

I also started a new instagram account where I share all about essential oils and you can follow me there.  My goals is to inpire you to use your oils more in a beautiful way.

I have also been purchasing all my oils through Young Living and am super impressed with them and all of their products.  I am so excited, not only with their oils, but with all their different products.  They have everything from lotions, to supplements, to incredible essential oil blends, to water bottles and bags.  All of their products are filled with the highest quality of oils.  Their variety of oils is crazy, they have so many to choose from.  They own many of their own farms and partner with all their other farms around the world, so they can regulate them and make sure they know that you are getting the very best products.  Everything we have used I have been so impressed with.  One of our favorites is their drink Ningxia Red.  Its a super drink, we drink 2 ounces a day, and we love it for supporting health and giving us energy.  

If you are interested in their products or want to purchase anything, you can link to them through my link.  If you wanted to sign up to buy a kit and become a wholesale member, you can do that here, and I will offer you a special gift for joining.  I'm also a member of this amazing facebook group that you would become a part of as well offering videos, classes, and all sorts of support to get to know your Young Living products and use your starter kit. Odering is simple and their rewards program is also super easy and straight forward and their freebies each month are incredible.

Wow, lots of information here to share!  If you have any questions about the workshops or classes or any of the freebies you can message me or let me know in the comments below.  As you can tell, I'm becoming quite passionate about oils and want to share them with everyone.  It so exciting to see so many people fall in love with these products and use them to support their wellness.