Sunday, May 28, 2017

Reviving the Homemaking Series

So this is a series I started back in January of 2016.  I was so excited to share and I had so many ideas and inspiration in regards to homemaking.  Shortly after I started the series we moved into our country home and life became a whirlwind this last year with so much more then was expected.  Lately though I have been wanting to revisit this topic here on the blog and so I'm starting over again.

Here soon I will be sharing a variety of post about homemaking, something I'm passionate about.  I hope to share corners of my home, daily routines, inspiration, and interviews on all topics of domestic life.  I adore home, I love being responsible for creating a home for my little family, and for others that may come stop by or come for a visit.  I'll have the first post up tomorrow.  Get ready to chat about our bedrooms, what we can do to make them delightful, and so much more.

Here is a link to my post on homemaking.

Also, here is a link to my home tour of our old home.

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