Monday, May 29, 2017

Simple Homemaking | Master Bedroom

Lets talk about our bedrooms today, a room that may be overlooked at times in the hustle and bustle of the day.  It is not the first room that company sees, so it may not rise to the top of the priority list in regards to importance.

I think that these bedrooms of ours can be a sanctuary of sorts from the rest of the hustle and bustle of life.  Especially as my life gets busier and louder, I'll find myself headed every once in awhile to my room to have a quiet place to sit, though how long before I'm interrupted from one of my delightful crew is never certain.  My routines of an afternoon nap or some quiet reading happens a few times throughout the week.  Also my evening routine, I love heading to bed after a full day of work and fun. Last night when I climbed into bed I thought how thankful I am for clean sheets and a comfy bed, such a wonderful place to end my day and wake to a new one.

Is it perfect, no.  Is it always perfectly clean, rarely, but it stays fairly tidy and by doing a few simple things it is one of my favorite rooms in our home.  As you know we are still planning our upcoming remodel, so this bedroom of ours will see a lot of changes in the next few months, but there is so much you can do with your space, even when you are in transition.  This is how it has looked for the last year plus.

Below are a few things I do to make my bedroom special.  As the homemakers we are (aka domestic goddesses) we can create this special space in our homes for ourselves, for our spouses, and for our children to visit.

||  Make your bed. I like to make my bed in the morning so I can enjoy it all day.  Especially with a king size bed, making the bed will make a huge difference in the room.  Does it always happen, no not always, but when it does it makes the whole room look tidy.

||  Wash your sheets.  Going along with bed making, having a schedule for washing our sheets is so helpful.  I wash my sheets once a week and my comforters 1-2 times a month.  My decorative pillow covers need a good wash, I need to add those cleaning routine.

|| Create a sanctuary.  Linen sprays, candles, diffusers, anything that smells pretty.  I always choose relaxing fragrances in my bedroom. Soft lamplight or a speaker to stream music would also be a lovely touch.

||  Books.  Good books are a must in our bedroom.  Since I love to read in my bed, I have to have favorites stashed close by.

|| Functional items.  Only include items on this list that really need to be used in this space.  A few books, a candle, a reading light, some moisturizer, a pen and post its all can be tucked away in a bedside table.  Keep it simple.  If your not using it, get rid of it or store it somewhere else.  It is always easier to keep things tidy when you are working with less stuff.

||  Something intimate.  Try adding something personal, something special, something you may not want to display in the rest of the house in this space.  In our bedroom I have some engagement photos and a couple childhood photos of Steve and I, they make the place special, a space that is shared by the two of us.  I also have a photo of myself with Beckett shortly after giving birth to him.  I love this photo of the two of us, it represents my love of motherhood and the joy it brings.  It sits on my bedside table.

Our bedrooms can be a place that we love, a peaceful place to rest from the cares of the world.  Its funny that all my kiddos love to spend time in our bedroom.  I think they can feel the calm, the joy that a quiet, tidy, comfy place brings.  What do you do to make your bedroom your sanctuary?  What items do you bring in to make it feel like a special place?

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